Staff pick! Lucerna beads by Swarovski

May 3, 2011

Lucerna, a definite staff pick!

These new Lucerna crystals by Swarovski, stock #05-030-08-, are stunning!

I am sure no picture can capture their lantern-like brilliance. (I’m trying, though.) 🙂 Here’s a line sketch, to illuminate how neat their shape is:

When first thumbing through all the great beads & things in our new supplement, I totally overlooked these beauties.

The other day a customer brought the Lucernas to my attention, and ever since, I can’t get them off my mind.

When you get these “Swarovski 5030” crystals* in your hand and see all the rectangular facets sparkling back at you, they are hard to resist.

My mind is already racing with numerous ideas of how these treasures can be incorporated into fabulous pieces of jewelry.

Thank you Swarovski, this Lucerna crystal shape is a keeper!

–Amy in the Rings & Things showroom

* As we insiders call them 😉

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