Resin + scrapbook paper = fun

August 2, 2011

So, if you’ve been reading this blog you know we are very excited about SuperClear Resin for jewelry. As is usually the case, we had a bit leftover after filling some bezels, so we tried applying some to scrapbooking paper just to see what would happen. The results were great! With most epoxy resins, it is recommended that you coat your paper or images with Mod Podge, white glue or other sealer to prevent the resin from bleeding into the paper. However, we found that SuperClear resin worked just fine on uncoated paper. (We still recommend testing yours first! Each type of paper acts a little differently.)

SuperClear resin, when applied sparingly, has enough surface tension to stay domed on the paper.

In the picture above, Mollie is using a wooden craft stick to stir and dab the resin. It works ok. However, it is possible for the moisture content of the wood to have an adverse affect on the resin. We’ve now switched to these
plastic paddles/spatulas, as recommended by Resin Obsession.

The dots were super shiny when they dried – and the colors didn’t bleed!

How do you turn resin-covered paper dots into wearable jewelry? Fortunately Mollie is a clever girl. Here are a couple of the options she came up with:

The dot fit perfectly on a round pendant finding with bail.

I especially like that the back of the piece is entirely covered with metal – it feels much more finished that way.

Since these gluable pendant findings already have bails attached, you can just slide them onto chains or ribbons and have complete necklaces for under $2 each!

The resin dots also fit perfectly inside glass bezels.

Glass bezels are another unique option. If you plan ahead, you can make the pendant reversible! Since the bezels don’t have holes, Mollie wrapped hers with flat cotton cord and glued it in place.

Have you come up with interesting ways to combine resin with paper? We’d love to hear about it! ~Cindy

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