Swarovski and Sterling Silver Rainbow Chandelier Earrings

June 5, 2015

Swarovski never ceases to amaze me with the pretty products they put out! While lovely Swarovski Navette crystals aren’t new, they are new to me and I love them! These beautiful marquise-shaped crystals are set in a silver colored setting.  When I saw them, I knew I needed to create a project that used multiple colors in the same piece! They are just such vibrant colors. I decided to pair them with some lovely sterling silver chandelier findings! The result is beautiful! See how to make these lovely earrings below!

Rainbow Swarovski Navette Sterling Silver Chandelier Earrings

All the supplies to make these earrings. You don’t need too much!

Supplies needed for these earrings:

Additional tools:

Steps to recreate these:

First collect all your supplies and pliers.

Begin adding the Swarovski Navatte Crystals with your jump rings. Always make sure to open your jump rings by twisting them open side to side, not prying them apart.

Add first the topaz, then the peridot.

After the topaz and peridot, add the indicolite in the center.

After the indicolite, add sapphire and then light amethyst.

After you have added all the colors to one earring, make the other earring the same.

Complete both earrings. You can either do them mirror image or matching exactly.

The center hoops are ideal for the round Swarovski channel crystals. Attach these with two of the sterling silver jump rings.

Last step! Attach the earring wires to the top loops on the sterling silver connectors. Now your earrings are complete and ready to wear!

I love the pop of color these earrings have!

I hope you loved this project, and these crystals, as much as me! They offer so many design opportunities! Check out this cool tutorial below using chain and multistrand connectors! ~ Tiffany

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