Fun soldered pendant ideas

October 4, 2011

Hello bloglandia! Awhile back I posted a mini tutorial on using Simply Swank soldering supplies, and today thought I’d show you some of the new Swank stuff we’ve made.

For this pendant, Mollie soldered two round glass tiles together. The finished piece is nice and thick, which adds a bit of a vintage feel to it.

It is, of course, reversible.

For this necklace Mollie used the more typical
microscope slide glass. I like how she clasps the velvet ribbon in the front.

Inside the bottle is moss from one of my camping trips. A friend of mine filled these bottles with tiny agates from the seashore.

I tried soldering a cap onto a glass bottle. I cut a copper disk with my disk cutter to fit the top, punched a hole for a head pin, then wrapped it with copper foil tape. Next time I will use wider foil, and perhaps add some rhinestone chain. I saw some lovely examples with rhinestone chain in a recent issue of Belle Armoire magazine and have been dying to make some.

Lastly – and sadly since I don’t have photos of it! – Jaci has used a soldering iron to solder “bezels” around large gemstone beads. I’m not even sure what to call this technique. All of my Google image searches are coming up empty, but I bet you have seen what I’m talking about. Have you tried it? Send us a picture! ~Cindy

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  • Just A Tish Designs October 4, 2011 at 12:51 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing this – it has answered so many questions!