DIY Earring Project: Swarovski Crystal Tassel Earrings

December 19, 2011
Tassel Earrings made using WireLace, Swarovski Crystals and Vintaj charms and bead caps

Tassel Earrings made using WireLace, Swarovski Crystals, and Vintaj birds and bead caps

I have always been a sucker for anything sparkly. So when I started working here at Rings and Things, I soon became addicted to everything Swarovski! I know all the colors and all the shapes. Bronze Shade, Golden Shadow, Silver Night, Red Magma and of course the coveted Bermuda Blue! I dream of crystals. Seriously. I rarely leave work without buying a few new crystals. (Basically I get paid in crystals!) So here is my new fun crystal project!

Crystal Bead Mixes: Swarovski Crystal Jams

Some of the different Swarovski Crystal Jams bicone bead mixes.

One thing we do here at Rings & Things are make these magical little baggies full of mixed Swarovski Crystals called crystal jams. I love crystal jams because they are carefully selected assortments that contain several colors that coordinate. I have been wanting to make something with one of the crystal jams for a while so when a co-worker suggested these tassel earrings, I couldn’t resist.

Supplies for Swarovski Crystal Tassel Earrings

Supplies needed to make these lovely earrings.

The crystal jam I decided to use for this project is called Brown Sugar. It blends golden shades of topaz, beige and browns. I paired the crystals with chocolate WireLace, shell pearls, Vintaj bead caps, Vintaj bird charms, and niobium earring wires. I also use Hypo Cement to seal the edges of the WireLace.

Supplies needed:

Step 1 - How to make Swarovski Crystal and WireLace Tassels

First make several templates from card stock. Start with a 3×3 inch square. Cut a triangle out of one corner of the square, leaving about an inch on each side. Create a stair pattern up the diagonal, making a new step at each 1/4 inch.

Step 2 - How to make Swarovski Crystal and WireLace Tassels

Start threading the crystals onto the wire lace. Make a slit on the top left to string the lace through after each new loop is made.

Step 3 - How to make Swarovski Crystal and WireLace Tassels

Place anywhere from 5 to 10 crystals per step on the template.

Step 4 - How to make Swarovski Crystal and WireLace Tassels

Keep going until you have the desired amount of loops for your tassle.

Step 5 - How to make Swarovski Crystal and WireLace Tassels

For this one, I used 8 bicones on each loop, and made 8 loops, so a total of 64 bicones per earring.

Step 6 - How to make a Wire Lace and Swarovski crystal tassel.

Tie the two ends together. Then wrap one end under all the loops and tie another secure square knot. This way all the loops are connected.

Step 7 - How to make a Wire Lace and Swarovski crystal tassel.

Remove tassel from the template. I found that the best way to do this is to cut away the template from the tassel. This is why you need to make several templates.

Step 8 - How to make a Wire Lace and Swarovski crystal tassel for earrings.

Trim excess Wire Lace and add a dab of Hypo Fabric Cement to secure the loose ends. Attach your fold-over crimp before the glue sets. Fold the crimp over using your chain nose pliers.

Finished Tassel Earrings, made with shell pearls, wire lace, large Vintaj bead caps, Vintaj bird charms and niobium earring wires.

Finished Tassel Earrings! I used some beautiful shell pearls, large Vintaj bead caps, cute little Vintaj bird charms and niobium earring wires.

Well I hope you liked my tassel earrings! I think that this technique could really be applied to all different beads and cording so go nuts with it! Now I just need to figure out what to name these earrings…..

~~Tiffany in the Showroom

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  • Erika August 18, 2013 at 12:59 pm

    I just came across these exquisite earrings that Tiffany made and am truly inspired. I love the template idea to make the tassels. Is there actually one now that I could buy? And do you still offer the crystal jam product? Would also like to know how long the tassels are, I want to make one for a necklace, too. Thank you so much.

    • Polly August 19, 2013 at 9:31 pm

      Hi Erika, We don’t have a template specifically for these, but I am pretty sure that I have seen plastic drawing templates at art stores, that are similar.
      And, we don’t have that exact Crystal Jam any more, but we do have a few Crystal Jams with brown beads. I think Bad Bad Leroy Brown is the closest.
      I think the tassels themselves are about 1.5″ long, so the earrings altogether are about 3″ long.