Birthstone Bangle Bracelet Tutorial

February 7, 2019

TierraCast’s ready-to-use birthstone charms could not be any sweeter (sparkle joy)! I love them so much I designed a charming bangle bracelet to share the joy. Just follow these step-by-step instructions to create your own bracelet.

You will need these supplies:

You will need these tools:

The hammered-brass bangle bracelets are available in two sizes. The large size has an inner diameter of 2-7/8″ and the smaller size is 2-5/8″.

TierraCast Birthstone Mix featuring Swarovski Xirius Crystals comes in a pack of 36 charms (three charms per birthstone month). They are offered in both antiqued-brass and antiqued-pewter finish.

A year’s worth of birthstones!

  • January (Garnet, Siam red)
  • February (Amethyst, purple amethyst)
  • March (Aquamarine, light blue aquamarine)
  • April (Diamond, clear crystal / CAL)
  • May (Emerald, emerald green)
  • June (Alexandrite, lavender light amethyst)
  • July (Ruby, light Siam red)
  • August (Peridot, pale green peridot)
  • September (Sapphire, blue sapphire)
  • October (Rose Zircon, rose pink)
  • November (Golden topaz, topaz)
  • December (Tanzanite, violet-blue tanzanite)

Follow these easy steps to make a birthstone bangle bracelet:

The brass bangles are made of raw brass and usually need a little polishing attention to make them look their best. To attain a high polish, start by removing any oxidation with a superfine 3M polishing pad.

Once the oxidation is removed from the brass bangle, it takes very little effort to produce a high polish with an Ultra polishing pad (a staff choice here at Rings & Things).

Lay out the charm and jump ring components. The large 10mm jump ring is used for attaching the heart charm to the bangle bracelet and 8mm jump rings are used for the smaller charms.

Follow these steps to attach the heart charm to the bangle bracelet: twist the jump ring open, string on the charm, attach to the bracelet, and twist the jump ring closed.

Jewelry-Making Tip:

To maintain the shape of a jump ring, always twist to open and close. Also twist the jump ring back and forth a few times before closing it; this action will harden the metal and reduce the chance of the jump ring accidentally coming open.

Continue attaching the smaller charms to the bangle bracelet in your preferred pattern.

“Close-to-my-Heart” Birthstone Bangle Bracelet by Rings & Things’ designer Mollie Valente.

Make your own TierraCast and Swarovski crystal bezel charms:

While the TierraCast Birthstone Assortment brings instant sparkle joy, you can also assemble your own custom charms. Rings & Things carries the empty bezels ready to fill with more than 6 dozen crystal color choices, and all you need to do is glue the little crystals in place.

TierraCast charm bezel settings combine with the 34ss Swarovski Xirius Rose flat-back crystals. We recommend the Swarovski Adhesive for securing the crystals in place.

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