EnCapture Artisan Concrete

February 4, 2013

We tested the new EnCapture Artisan Concrete Kit!

This “unique texture-rich medium for jewelry making is designed for embedding treasures such as glass, gemstones, metal, buttons, wire and beads to create visual interest and contrast.  Here are some tips for using it!

Mixing: We found the easiest way to mix the concrete was making a slurry (or thin paste) by putting a small amount of the base material in the mixing cup and adding the activator. To the slurry, mix in the base material and pigment incrementally until you have achieved the desired color and consistency.

Application:  You can extend the life of your concrete while you are working by covering the mixing cup with a damp paper towel. We recommend you remove excess concrete from your embedded treasures as you work using a damp paper towel, cotton swab or toothpick. It is easier to remove when it is moist than after it starts to dry.

Initial cleaning of the mini mosaic involves wiping away the excess jewelry grade concrete (Encapture Artisan Concrete) from the silver flower and rhinestone chain. Remove any excess concrete from the back of the gunmetal bezel cup. All parts available at rings-things.com

Work Time:  As the concrete starts setting within 5 minutes, you must work quickly!  Pre-arranging your design is very helpful.  We found it easiest to trace the bezel, and to mock-up the arrangement on paper.  This allows you to quickly and precisely place each item when it is time.   
Encapture Artisan Concrete (jewelry grade concrete) sets quickly. The lampwork cat head bead and smaller gemstone round beads were positioned into place before the concrete was placed, making it easier to create a small mosaic. All parts available at www.rings-things.com
Design:  Including small beads in your design is easiest if you string them first (this way they can’t roll and move as easily). For a more elaborate or mosaic-style design, setting your treasures with a dab of two-part epoxy glue is recommended. Glue your items in place and allow the glue to fully dry before applying concrete.  
Trade beads, a Tierra Cast hamsa hand, an Amate primitive heart or art heart (arte heart) silver bezel were carefully glued into place for this small mosaic. The designer bezel will be filled with jewelry grade concrete (EnCapture Artisan Concrete) once the glue has dried. Free DIY jewelry project by designer Sondra Barrington of www.rings-things.com.

Hamsa Hand in Heart Mosaic Necklace – Tutorial

Finishing Touches:  If you do not like large grains of sand from the concrete being visible in your design, you may be able to bury them by gently poking them down into the wet concrete with a toothpick.

Once the product has cured, for a beautiful golden sheen, the brass brush works wonders!  If you do not want to alter the color of your finished piece, gently clean around embedded treasures with the straight carver.

Using a toothpick to place jewelry grade concrete (Encapture Artisan Concrete) into the small mosaic, around the silver flower and rhinestone chain. Carefully place the concrete to avoid getting it on the gunmetal bezel cup. All parts available at rings-things.com

In addition to the tools and supplies provided in the kit, we found the following tools and supplies very helpful:
* Damp paper towels/moist towelettes
* Extra wood mixing sticks
* Cotton swabs
* Tablet & pencil
* Extra disposable plastic mixing cups
* Extra dust masks
* Extra disposable gloves
This free jewelry project by Sondra Barrington of www.rings-things.com features a silver Amate primitive heart bezel. This deep dish art heart bezel has been filled with jewelry grade concrete (Encapture Artisan Concrete) and an assortment of trade beads, small silver beads and a Tierra Cast hamsa hand charm. The mini mosiac is hung from an inexpensive choker.
  • The kit
  • Bezel Cups (for this concrete product, deeper bezels work better than shallow bezels)


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  • Personalised Jewellery March 20, 2013 at 1:49 am

    thanks for sharing another list of tips. greatly appreciated and very helpful to those who struggling for their jewelry on how to make a good one.

  • Rosa Lee Jensen April 17, 2013 at 11:42 am

    Have been doing the pendants for about a month now and am loving it and it gives such dramatic results so easily. I just put in a google search for the Encapture to see if anyone local was carrying it and low and behold were two of my pendants at the top of the first page. I used the encapture in the title of the item on Etsy.

    • Polly April 17, 2013 at 4:17 pm

      Hi Rosa Lee,
      I love the warm golden highlights you got on the EnCapture concrete using a brass brush! Very nice look with the findings and style of your designs.

  • Kris Mattingly June 24, 2013 at 8:53 am

    This is a fun medium. Such a great way to do a grouping of items to celebrate a birth, hobby, interest. I did some cute animal pendants with buttons, and a country one for a friend who lives in Nashville. Fun, immediate gratification!