How to make Embossed Arrow Earrings with the Vintaj BIGkick

May 7, 2014
Easy to make Embossed Brass Earrings tutorial

“Artemis and Apollo” embossed-brass earrings made with the Vintaj BIGkick machine and Vintaj patina.


The Vintaj BIGkick embossing machine makes it easy and affordable to add detailed patterns to metal.  With dozens of DECOemboss and DECOetch dies to choose from the pattern possibilities seem endless, plus you can finish the embossed blanks with color using Vintaj patina kits.   Follow this free step-by-step jewelry-making tutorial to learn more.


Supplies necessary to make embossed brass arrow earrings with your BIGkick machine.

Step 1: Gather together the supplies you will need to make Vintaj brass arrow earrings.


You will need the following supplies:


Free jewelry-making tutorial from To emboss the Vintaj arrow blanks, place them in the DECOembossing die.

Step 2: Place the Vintaj arrow blank in the embossing die; carefully position the blank to create your patterned design of choice. Close the DecoEmboss folder, being careful to hold the blank in its preferred position.


A free jewelry-making tutorial from on making jewelry using the Vintaj BIGkick DECOembossing machine.

Step 3: Layer the DecoEmboss folder in the BIGkick tool in this order: platform, clear acrylic sheet, folder (this side down), and clear acrylic sheet. Turn the handle to feed the layers through the BIGkick tool.


Jewelry making tutorial: How to emboss a metal blank with the Vintaj BIGkick tool.

Step 4: Once the DecoEmboss die has run though the BIGkick tool, remove the top acrylic sheet and folder. To remove the embossed blank, open the folder and flex it gently.
Emboss the second arrow blank by repeating steps 2, 3, and 4.


Free jewelry-making tutorial from how to colorize metal with patina.

Step 5: Use a paint brush to apply Vintaj patina to the arrow blanks, mixing colors to obtain desired appearance. Set blanks aside and allow patina to dry.


Free jewelry-making tutorial from how to colorize metal with Vintaj patina.

Step 6: Place the embossed blanks on a rubber block with the patina side up. Use the coarser side of the Vintaj reliefing block to remove patina from the high points of the embossed blank.


A free jewelry-making tutorial from on colorizing metal with patina.

Step 7: Once the patina is removed from the high points, use the finer sides of the reliefing block to polish the brass to a high shine.


How to make Vintaj embossed arrow earrings.

Step 8: Turn the ear wire loop 90 degrees, open the loop and add the arrow blank. Cut the chain into two pieces staggering the length slightly. Add each piece to the ear wire loop and close the loop. Use jump rings to attach a bead to the end of each chain length. Repeat with the second ear wire.


Try making a variety of earrings; just follow these steps using the many shapes of blanks, styles of embossing folders, and colors of patina.   And don’t forget to visit the Rings & Things Design Gallery for further inspiration:


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Make things!


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