Swarovski Pave Holiday Earrings

December 1, 2014

“I hear those sleigh bells ring-a-ling, jing, jing, jing-a-ling too! I think it’s perfect weather for a sleigh ride together with you”

Swarovski Pave rings are the perfect way to glam up your holiday attire!

Christmas time is almost here! And when I think about the holidays, I think about thick warm coats, soft wool scarves, my gloved hands around a piping cup of cocoa, and sparkly jewelry! Don’t you? I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but I like to wear sparkly jewelry in the winter! In the summer, I go for more beachy bohemian jewelry, but in the winter I am all about the bling! Luckily, I’ve gotten to make tons of sparkly, glamorous Swarovski jewelry lately! The newest project I am working on involves these Swarovski Pave rings. They are round rings, covered in tiny Swaorvski crystals with either one hole or two holes. They come in several colors and three sizes. I went a little nuts with them! I made four super blingy, super easy, super fancy pairs of holiday earrings.

They come in a variety of colors! Emerald, Siam, and Golden Shadow just to mention a few!

They are all made using basic jewelry making techniques. The basic skill needed to make these earrings is to know how to make a wrapped loop. You will need basic wire wrapping tools. A pair of chain nose pliers, a pair of round nose pliers and a good pair of wire cutters.

All the tools needed to make these earrings can be found in one of our cute kits! I love this glitter tool set with a nice little pouch to store it in!

I made four pairs total. One in the traditional red and green holiday colors, one with lovely silver Swarovski crosses, a sparkly blue pair with the Star of David, and a gold pair, just because I love gold! Except for the red and green pair, all the earrings have less than five total components to them. I will link all the exact parts to make them!
For all of these earrings I used sterling silver head pins and sterling silver findings and beads.

Golden Shadow Pave Earrings

 Golden Earrings full of Sparkle!

I made the above earrings with the largest sized golden shadow, one-hole pave beads, Swarovski golden shadow ovals, sterling silver earring wires, sterling silver jump rings, and a sterling silver eye pin.

Star of David Earrings

 Star of David Earrings in Beautiful Blue

I made the Star of David earrings with the smaller sapphire, two-hole pave beads, sterling silver Star of David charms, sterling silver ball end headpins, and sterling silver kidney wires.

Silver Cross Earrings

 Cross Earrings in Shimmering Silver

The cross earrings I made with the largest crystal, two-hole pave beads, sterling silver head pins, Swarovski silver patina cross beads and sterling silver earring wires.

Red and Green Swarovski Globe Earrings

For these earrings, I will list the parts below, since there were several components. I layered different sterling silver beads onto sterling silver ball end head pins. The result is a green globe perfectly floating in a sparkly red siam Swarovski Pave bead!

Supplies needed:

String beads onto a headpin in the following order: flower spacer, stardust bead, bottom side of the pave, 2mm bead, 3mm bead, emerald Swarovski globe, 3mm bead, 2mm bead, top side of the pave bead.

Repeat for your other earring.

Make a wrapped loop on each earring using your round-nose pliers. Clip the excess wire with a wire cutter, and tuck the tail with chain-nose pliers. Be very careful when tucking the tail of the wire, so you don’t damage the Swarovski pave beads.

Red and Green Swarovski Globe Earrings

Well, I hope that these Swarovski crystal pave rings have put you into the holiday spirit! Cause if sparklies like this can’t, I don’t know what will!

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