Vintaj Flying Sparrow and Czech Glass "Put a Bird on It" Necklace

May 26, 2015

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I quickly became a fan of the show Portlandia. It is a comedy sketch show on IFC (the Independent Film Channel), and all the characters are representative of the eccentric people that live in Portland, Oregon. In the first season, there was a famous sketch called, “Put a Bird on It” where two characters go around putting birds on everything and selling it as art. It is one of my favorite sketches! So when I made this necklace, I used that episode as inspiration!

“Put a Bird on It!” Necklace featuring Vintaj Antique Brass Sparrow Pendant

This project is really easy to make! I’ll list the supplies and tools below needed to recreate this look!

All the supplies and tools needed to recreate this necklace!

Supplies needed:

Tools needed:


Use the Vintaj Metal Reliefing Block to remove a top layer of the patina on the bird. This will really make the details pop.

After the bird has been sanded, the feathers really stand out.

Line up the beads in the color order you want them to appear on the necklace before you start wire wrapping the loops.

Cut several segments of the Artistic Wire with your wire cutters that are about 3-4 inches long.

Use your round nose pliers to make a loop about an inch down on one of the wire segments.

Wrap the Artistic Wire down the length of the wire, coiling it down about 3 times.

Now add a bead and make it flush with the wire wrapping (trim excess wire with you wire cutters). Then, wrap the wire down on the other end of the bead to match the other side.

Attach your next segment of wire to the previous link with a wrapped loop, like seen in the photo. Then add a bead, in the order you want, and wrap the loop at the end. This will slowly create a beaded chain.

You want to make the pattern the same on both sides.

Continue to make the chain segments for both sides of the necklace.

Attach the bird to the center of the beaded chain that you have created using the 4.5mm antique brass jump rings.

When the necklace gets to the length that you like, add a lobster clasp to the end using more of the 4.5mm antique brass jump rings. I ended up making my necklace 18 inches long, which is a pretty standard length.

Completed “Put a Bird on It” Necklace. I love the luster colors combined with the antique brass!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this simple, yet sweet project! And speaking of Portlandia (the show which inspired this necklace), there is also a sketch on making jewelry! It is maybe my all time favorite! I will link it below, and I assure you, if you are a jewelry maker you will love it! ~Tiffany

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