Creating Birthstone Jewelry Family Tree Necklaces

April 8, 2016

Personalized jewelry has always been popular and this “family tree” necklace with birthstone charms representing each member of the family is sure to please. Creating the tree pendant with the BIGkick embossing machine could not be easier and then its just a matter of attaching all the components; that makes this fun project perfect for both beginner and advanced jewelry makers. This would make a great group activity to share with family or friends–making memories together while making a memorable piece of jewelry.

Mother's Day Birthstone Jewelry Family Tree Necklace made with embossed aluminum and Swarovski birthstone charms

Gather your supplies and tools. For supplies select your favorite shape of aluminum blank, jump rings, a necklace chain, and one crystal channel charm for each member in your family tree. For tools you will need the Vintaj BIGkick embossing machine, Vintaj DecoEmboss moonlit night die, flat-nose pliers, and chain-nose pliers.

Suggested Supplies

Suggested Tools

Peel the protective plastic sheet off the jewelry metal blank before using it.

A protective, blue-plastic sheet covers one side of the aluminum blank. Peel the plastic off and you are ready to run the blank through the BIGkick embossing machine.

How to use the Vintaj BIGkick DecoEmboss die to emboss metal.

Carefully position your aluminum blank in the open DecoEmboss die. Keep in mind the hanging hole position and the embossed image placement. Also place the blank so the blemish-free side of the blank will be the front side of your finished pendant.

Feed the embossing folder through the Sizzix BIGkick Embossing Tool.

Layer the DecoEmboss folder in the BIGkick machine in this order: platform, clear acrylic sheet, folder (this side down), and clear acrylic sheet. Then just turn the handle to easily feed the layers through the BIGkick machine.

Remove the tree embossed blank from the die folder.

Remove the embossing die from the machine and open it to reveal your embossed aluminum blank. Remove the blank from the die folder (you may need to gently flex the folder).

Embossed metal creates a positive and a negative design.

One of the cool things about the Vintaj embossing folders is they create two looks in one; a positive image on one side of the blank and a negative image on the other. You decide which side you like best.

Selecting the correct size jump ring for jewelry making.

Select jump rings to coordinate with your embossed tree pendant and crystal channel charms. I used an 8mm jump ring with the pendant and 6mm jump rings with the crystal charms.

Family Tree Necklace -- how to open and close jump rings

Add a 6mm jump ring to each crystal charm using a sideways twisting motion to open and close the jump rings. Use the same technique to add an 8mm jump ring to the embossed aluminum pendant.

Family Tree jewelry -- Make your mother a birthstone charm necklace.

Complete the necklace by stringing the components onto the necklace chain. For a balanced necklace, add half the crystal charms, then your embossed aluminum pendant, then the other half of the crystal charms.

Family Tree Necklace End

The finished necklace is charming!

How to package handmade jewelry.

Organza bags add a special touch to your handmade jewelry gifts without a lot of cost. And the bag can be used for safe storage of the piece of jewelry.

TierraCast Tree Pendants

If you aren’t quite ready to invest in the Vintaj BIGkick embossing machine, all is not lost. TierraCast makes a couple of cast pewter tree charms that would make perfectly charming substitutes; pictured are items #44-940-40-AS and #49-958-61-AS. Or check out the entire TierraCast product line!

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