Riveting with TierraCast Leather Findings

April 22, 2013

The links, beads and rivets in TierraCast’s new Leather Findings Collection are refreshingly easy to use — especially for those of you who are still nursing bruised fingertips from my previous riveting blog!

Spiral Lagoon Bracelet

Leather snap bracelet with TierraCast rivets and spiral components. (Instructions)


Setting TierraCast compression rivets:

This video tutorial by Tracy Gonzales of TierraCast shows how quick and easy these rivets are to set:

If the video above doesn’t display for you, try this link:
Technique: Setting Compression Rivets or just keep reading!

Supplies needed for setting compression rivets:

How to set TierraCast (or any) compression rivets:

  1. Punch holes in leather at desired spots (it can be helpful to mark them with a pencil or a Sharpie)

    Rotary Leather Hole Punch

    Leather Hole Punch

  2. Set the post (long portion) on the block.
  3. Add your items to the post.
  4. Slide the (domed) cap over the post.

    Rivet Setter How-to

    How to set compression rivets

  5. Make sure everything is aligned nice and straight (and that you’re looking at the top of your bracelet/item).
  6. Place the cupped end of the rivet setter on the rivet cap.
  7. Tap once or twice with the brass hammer.

    Tap the rivet setter a couple times with a brass hammer.

    Tap the rivet setter a couple times with a brass hammer.

  8. Test: If the rivet is wiggly … you didn’t compress (hammer) it hard enough, so line it up and hammer again!

What other embellishments can you add?

Anything with a 2.4 – 3mm hole, and total stacking height between 2mm and 4.5mm.

Just OK Corral Bracelet by Mollie Valente

Just OK Corral Bracelet by Mollie Valente, with DecoEmbossed oval Vintaj connector. (Instructions)

Samba Scarlet Smile Bracelet

Scarlet leather bracelet with “Smile” stamped on the back of a Rock & Roll link, and with misc. beads riveted on as embellishments. (Instructions)

Diameter / Hole Size:

  • TierraCast rivets have a 2.3-2.5mm diameter post, so any bead or finding that has 2.5mm hole fits nicely onto the rivet.
  • Beads with a 3/32″ (2.38mm) hole usually fit too. If they are close, briefly use a bead reamer.
  • Beads with a 3mm hole may wiggle or fit a bit loose, but are usually ok.

Length / Height:

  • Items with a total stacked height of 2.5-4mm are perfect, but a range of roughly 1.5-4.5mm thick (total) can work.


  • 2 pieces of 2mm leather = 4mm = perfect!
  • A layer of 2mm leather + a 1.5mm-thick link = 3.5mm = perfect!
  • A plain rivet embellishing a single layer of 1.5mm leather = ok, but a little loose
  • A layer of 2mm leather + a 2.5mm-thick bead or washer = usually ok, but pushing the limits.

And, to wrap it up — here are some of my favorite things that fit TierraCast’s rivets, but aren’t part of their official leather findings collection:


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