Jewelry Design Ideas for Endless Hoop Style Ear Wires

March 22, 2019

This new product is a bit curious; though named “endless” hoop earring findings, these clearly have two ends (they are really more of a C-shape). One end of the ear wire inserts into your ear piercing, and the other is a decorative stopping point for whatever adornment you add. This raised a few design questions — What is the best way to use these? And how do you keep the added adornment from just sliding off? Read on for our solutions to these important design questions.

Suggested supplies

Recommended tools:


Product Spotlight

Endless Hoop Earring Findings

The endless hoop earring findings are available in both sterling silver and gold filled. Select between a ball-end version and a hammered-end version in both 18mm or 26mm size.


Tool Spotlight

Cup Bur Tool

The “cup bur” tool is used to eliminate sharp wire edges. Just insert the wire end into the cup and rotate. The end of the wire will become smooth and slightly domed.


Follow these steps to create a pair of endless hoop earrings

“Idlewild Blue” Crystal Jam is a mix of soft blue and gray tone crystals. The 144 crystal bead assortment contains denim blue, Indian sapphire, Indian sapphire/AB, crystal/silver shade, satin, black diamond/AB, chrysolite satin, crystal/silver night, and black diamond.

Select 16 crystal beads (eight for each earring hoop) from the Crystal Jam mix of your choice. I selected beads from the “Idlewild Blue” Crystal Jam.

Plan your selected bead pattern. My pattern goes from dark to light, creating a subtle blue ombré.

Use a cup bur tool to soften the wire end of the endless hoop earring finding. Just insert the wire in the cup bur and twist until the wire edge is smooth.

Start by stringing a 2.5mm round sterling bead on to the endless hoop earring finding. This bead is a buffer for the first crystal bead.

String the crystal beads on to the endless hoop earring finding in your preferred pattern.

Continue stringing the crystal beads and finish with a 4mm round sterling-silver “SmartBead”. SmartBeads with BPS™ (Bead Positioning System) have an inner lining that holds the bead in place. Complete your earring by adding a French wire keeper (this goes behind your ear lobe to prevent earring loss).

Repeat the previous steps to make the second earring.

“Crescent Moon” Endless Hoop Earrings in blue ombré by Rings & Things designer Mollie Valente.


Rings & Things Crystal Jams featuring Swarovski Crystals

“Crystal Jams” are a Rings & Things exclusive and each color combination is inspired by a song title. Mixes consist of 144 authentic Swarovski 4mm 5328 XILION bicone beads and range in color from vivid to pastel. With almost 50 color mixes to choose from, they offer (almost) endless design possibilities. Here are a few of our favorites:


Enjoy these additional design ideas for endless hoop earrings:

Stardust Earrings Tutorial

Created by Rings & Things designer Summer Melaas; visit the Rings & Things Design Gallery for a list of components and instructions.

Stardust Earrings II Tutorial

Created by Rings & Things designer Veronica Greenwood; free instructions are available in the Rings & Things Design Gallery.

Wild Heart on a Wire Earrings Tutorial

Created by Rings & Things designer Mollie Valente; free instructions are available in the Rings & Things Design Gallery.


I hope this inspires you to try something new. Feel free to share your design ideas and projects in the blog comments.

Make things,


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  • Karen Yonovitz March 24, 2019 at 4:52 pm

    Great article Mollie! Do these endless hoops hold their shape well? Work hardened?

  • Mollie Valente March 25, 2019 at 3:04 pm

    Hi Karen,
    Yes, the endless hoop findings are work hardened and hold their shape perfectly.
    Thank you for following our blog posts and your kind words!
    Rings & Things Designer