Beaded Infinity Knot Bracelet Project

April 30, 2015

I am not typically a “stringer” when it comes to making jewelry.  I don’t usually like to work with beads that are less than 4mm in size. But I have had the image of this bracelet in my head for days, so I decided to conquer my fear of seed beads, and try to create it! I love how it turned out! Learn how easy it is to recreate it below!

Knotted Infinity Bracelets

Supplies (minus stinging wire, not pictured) needed to make these bracelets!

Supplies Needed:


Choose two colors of seed beads. Cut a piece of stinging wire about 9 inches long. String beads onto the stringing wire until there is 6 inches of beads strung.

After you string the beads onto the beading wire, pull the two ends together and place a crimp.

Smash the crimp closed with chain nose pliers.

Place the bead cap on the end of the beading wire. Slide the bead cap over the crimp and ends of the bead work.

Add another crimp on the other side of the the bead cone. Then cut the beading wire about a centimeter longer than the crimp.

Use the round nose pliers to feed the ends of the beading wire back into the crimp and down into the top of the bead cone ending.

Use the crimping pliers to crimp the crimp. When using crimping pliers you want to first crimp using the farthest back part of the pliers. This will shape the crimp into a “C” shape.

Use the front part of the crimping pliers to “smash” that “C” into a tube shape.

Place a crimp cover over the top of the crimp.

Use your chain nose pliers to gently close the crimp cover shut over the crimp.

Completed beaded loop should look like this. Now make another one in the other color to match.

On one beaded loop add a jump ring to the end with your chain nose pliers.

On the other loop add a jump ring plus a lobster clasp.

You can make multiple beaded loops in all different colors to mix and match!

To make the beaded loops into a bracelet, make an infinity style knot to connect two loops. Connect one that has a lobster clasp and one that doesn’t.

Well I hope you liked this bracelet project! You can make so many different color combinations! And they look great layered! Check out these other cool bracelet designs below! ~Tiffany






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