Welcome to our Rings & Things blog!

October 1, 2008


Welcome to our Rings & Things blog. This is a place where we’re going to tell you, a couple times a week, about great new items, trends, sales, and fun stuff.

I’m going to kick this off with a funny but true story that recently happened to us:

As soon as they’d packed up after one show, our crew left town early to avoid rush-hour traffic next day in another city. But busy small-town streets ate up their head start… Then, at our hotel, no one could find any boxes of stock that we’d had shipped to us. We spent 1½ hours tracking the shipment, watching video surveillance tapes and finally, finding them in the restaurant storage. One box (of 16 boxes) was marked ”
Plated Chain” so the hotel had put everything with Plates and China in the kitchen!! Our general manager Kim was disappointed when lunch wasn’t served on “plated chain…”

(Read more entertaining stuff at our “Stories from the Road” page!)

That’s an example of what I like about blogs. They can make it fun to keep in touch…we can throw in graphics to tell you about us:

Rings & Things logo

…and our products, like stylish new focals:

Stylish new focals from Rings & Things

…and even about our Halloween “Frankenstone” game:

We’ll also use this blog to tell you about new free design ideas, listen to your ideas, and generally help you get to know us even better.

So welcome to the official blog of Rings & Things!

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