Warm chocolate (pearls) & more for the Fall

October 3, 2008

With Autumn coming on, it’s getting to be the time of year to bundle up and indulge in a treat or two. We have a couple of suggestions on the menu for you…

First, nurture your taste for mouth-watering, warm chocolate pearls, including lacy “pearl ball” clusters. These rich-toned freshwater and Swarovski pearls will bring a mellow, deep brown tone to your creations this season.

Speaking of rich, we’ve also stocked up on coin pearls in an array of colors. How about some champagne and chocolate pearls? (We also have natural pink, gray blue, and other pretty colors.)

Autumn adventures with Rings & Things

Second, make exciting seasonal designs with our fall components: color mixes, leaves, Halloween, more! Autumn adventures await you, whether you’re embellishing trick-or-treat bags, thinking ahead to Thanksgiving, or just celebrating harvest time.

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