Featured bead: metal-core

June 30, 2010

“Metal core”? Don’t worry. No electric guitars here…I’m just talking about a pretty little kind of charm bead 🙂

For charm lovers, it’s a whole Pandora’s box of silver lining (or silver-plated lining) !*

So many kinds to adorn your bracelets…and more:

And, did you know? You can even make your own, by lining the center of your own large-hole bead with one of our sterling grommets! (A.k.a. bead spindles, bead cores, eyelets.)

Plus, you should mine our Design Gallery’s “search” feature to dig up metal-core jewelry inspirations…

Metal-core charms have captivated Russ Troll, the bead with a heart of pewter! 🙂

* Beware of competitors’ lower-quality, non-silver lined versions.

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