Product Testing: Radishes Required

November 12, 2010

Yesterday was an eventful day for product testing! We sent the obligatory email telling people not to worry about “the strange plastic smell’ that arose from testing some non-toxic faux enamels.

We decided to add a great new riveting tool ~ watch for it in December.

We also tested the usability and effectiveness of various patinas and metal treatments. It started out simply enough, test a metal treatment from a new vendor. No problem, we’ve done this quite a few times and know the drill, or so we thought!

We definitely noticed that the basic instructions were written in calligraphy. And, we did wonder about the need for a solid copper pot. We questioned whether rainwater was really needed. But, we didn’t pull the plug on the test until we read the instruction to mix-in freshly grated daikon radish.

The radish requirement inspired fits of giggles. Fortunately, we have several other non-radish based metal treatments that are great to work with!

♥ Sondra

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  • Marge November 15, 2010 at 1:17 pm

    Well, from a customer standpoint I’m glad that one won’t be included in future sales. I don’t own a solid copper pot, not even sure where to get one, and I normally don’t use diakon radish in my dishes, so I’m not sure I would want to use it to treat metal….LOL!