Pop the Top on Creativity with Bottle Caps!

March 4, 2011
Creativity’s A-popping with Bottle Caps!
How about some easy, custom mixed-media jewelry? Just pop images into these bottle caps (aka bottle crowns), seal, and glue the cap to a jewelry blank of your choice. (Pendants, pins, rings, bobby pins, cuff links, belt buckles…) These bottle caps are good to go: they have no pesky rubber lining! Choose from 4 sizes & 16 colors, plus a unique flower-shaped cap!
Pop the top on creativity with bottle caps!

Jewelry Bottle Caps

Jewelry Inspirations:

some ways to use bottle caps…

Give peace & bottle caps a chance with this adorable pin design.
“Flower Power” Pin
Make trendy belt buckles with our super jumbo bottle crowns.
“Blue Rabbit” Belt Buckle
Hello Kitty is always a favorite, and so is this earrings design!
“Meow” Earrings

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