Dainty Sterling Silver and Swarovski Crystal Pearl Peas in a Pod Earrings

September 8, 2015

+Sometimes you just need some sweet and simple earrings! At Rings & Things we have a large variety of adorable sterling silver charms that make this easy! For these earrings, I combined cute sterling silver leaf charms with some green Swarovski crystal pearls to get a peas in a pod look! See how easy these are to create below!

Just four materials to make these earrings!

Materials and Tools Needed:

Now follow these easy instuctions!

Use 6 inches of the wire for each earring. Make a loop on your wire at one end, with about one inch of wire for wrapping. Before closing the loop add your sterling silver leaf charm.

Wrap the short end of the wire around the long end about 3 times. Then snip the wire with your wire cutters, and tuck any sharp tail with your chain nose pliers.

Add three pearls onto the wire.

Do this with both earrings. Then make a wrapped loop at the top with the remaining wire. Coil the wire back down towards the beads until you can’t wrap anymore. Cut the wire, and tuck any sharp edges.

Attach the earrings to the silver filled french earring hooks. And you are done! So pretty!

I hope you liked this sweet and simple project! Happy jewelry making! ♥ Tiffany

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