Ceramic Bottle Pendants from Peru – A Free Jewelry-Making Tutorial

November 21, 2018

Ceramic bottle pendants from Peru come in a variety of designs that range from natural themes to spiritual themes. The ceramic bottles come in two finishes: an iridescent-glaze, raku-style finish and a high-fire, natural-clay finish. Each pendant bottle comes with a cork top and two large hanging holes. The bottles are perfect for jewelry making projects, like the “Peaceful Thoughts” Necklace.

Gather together your supplies: you will need a ceramic bottle pendant, mesh choker necklace, ring/connector footage chain, lotus charm, and jump rings.

You will need the following supplies:

1 each ceramic raku-style bottle pendant (I used item #28-608-525)

1 each metal mesh choker, 3mm Round (I used item #52-293-18-3)

4 inches 9mm ring & connector chain by the foot, 9mm (I used item#40-090-37-3)

1 each TierraCast 13mm lotus petal charm (I used item #49-943-19-AS)

5 pieces assorted sized jump rings (I used item #37-100-3: 2 – 10mm, 2 – 6mm, and 1 – 5mm)

Gather together your tools: you will need flat-nose pliers and chain-nose pliers.

You will need the following tools:

#69-271-03 EURO TOOL glitter chain-nose jewelry pliers

#69-271-08 EURO TOOL glitter flat-nose jewelry pliers

The mesh choker has the look of Viking knit, without all the work. Disassemble the metal mesh choker necklace and reserve the lobster clasp and metal mesh chain for this project.

Create two sections of ring & connector chain by opening and discarding connector links. Our finished necklace has a three-ring section of chain (this is on the clasp-side of the necklace) and a four-ring section of chain on the other side.

Layout the necklace parts in the order of their assembly (see image). Now it is just a matter of opening the jump rings and linking the parts together.

On one side of the mesh necklace, use a 6mm jump ring to attach the mesh-necklace loop to the ring & connector chain (four-ring piece). On the other side use a 6mm jump ring to connect the mesh-necklace loop to the lobster clasp and lotus petal charm. Then attach a 5mm jump ring to the ring & connector chain (three-ring piece); this jump ring will receive the lobster clasp.

Use 10mm jump rings to attach the ceramic bottle handles to the ring & connector chain ends. Complete the necklace by attaching the lobster clasp to the 5mm jump ring.

“Peaceful Thoughts” Ceramic Lotus Bottle Necklace by Rings & Things designer Mollie Valente.

Your necklace is done and ready to wear, and enjoy!

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