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Heartbeat Necklace Tutorial

January 23, 2019

I don’t make wire-worked jewelry (aside from the little wire-wrapped loops on the top of bead dangles). This lack of wire-working ability makes me the perfect person to create a beginning wire jewelry project, because if I can make it so can you. My initial wire interest was inspired by a resent “find” in our Rings & Things Showroom; there hidden among the standard Rings & Things stock was a handful of gold-filled, wire-wrapped, name pendants. The pendants are vintage items made by Rings & Things’ founder Russ Nobbs. In the mid-1960’s Russ handcrafted gold-wire name pendants and pins for sale at county and state fairs around the Pacific Northwest.

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DIY Team Spirit Earrings

August 31, 2015
With football season fast approaching, it’s time to break out your team spirit! Colorful jewelry that shows off team colors will make it easy for everyone to know who you’re cheering for! Simply swap out the Swarovski crystal colors to make earrings that support your favorite team!
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DIY Wire Wrapped Briolette Earrings

July 31, 2015
Want a simple and versatile earring design that you can replicate over and over again? This wire-wrapped briolette earring design can be used for any tip-drilled teardrop beads or briolettes. That’s what makes these some of my favorite earrings to make! The result is simple yet can look dramatically different depending on what colors and gemstone beads or crystal pendants you choose.
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Easy DIY Long Bohemian Gemstone Necklace

July 29, 2015
Long pendant necklaces have been very in style the last couple of years.  Whenever I go into a trendy boutique, the displays always have several of these necklaces layered over bohemian chic clothing. I decided I had better make one myself! You can use any large gemstone, your choice of chain and charm. I like the antique brass finish the best. This project is really quick and easy, but turns out very elegant!

Swarovski Crystal Prism Necklace

July 7, 2015
I recently discovered these Swarovski prisms! We have carried them at Rings & Things for years, but somehow I overlooked them. They are leaded glass crystal, so they are very sparkly and pick up all the colors of the rainbow! And, they are safe to wear in jewelry. This necklace combines 3 sizes of Swarovski prism spears on long antique brass chain. While it is a very simple project to recreate, the final result is anything but simple! It is quite fancy indeed! See how to make this project below!

DIY Etched Bullet Necklaces

June 23, 2015
I have noticed bullet casing jewelry trending for awhile now. And I love it! It has a rustic, masculine feel. I also love etching metal with ferric chloride acid, something I have been doing for the last couple of years.  Etching bullet casings seemed like the next logical step. I thought they would be a great gift for Dad (or Mom, depending on how you make them)! So round up your bullet casings and let me show you how to make these awesome necklaces!

Vintaj Flying Sparrow and Czech Glass "Put a Bird on It" Necklace

May 26, 2015
Living in the Pacific Northwest, I quickly became a fan of the show Portlandia. It is a comedy sketch show on IFC (the Independent Film Channel), and all the characters are representative of the eccentric people that live in Portland, Oregon. In the first season, there was a famous sketch called, “Put a Bird on It” where two characters go around putting birds on everything and selling it as art. It is one of my favorite sketches! So when I made this necklace, I used that episode as inspiration!
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Gold Filled Tassel and Hoop Earrings featuring Swarovski Edelweiss Pendants

May 14, 2015
Every year I anticipate the new Swarovski launch! I get so excited to see what new shapes and colors they will unveil! The newest launch featured Swarovski pendants in the shape of the beautiful Edelweiss flower. I just adore them! I decided I needed to make a pair that combined the aquamarine color with gold filled hoops and gold-filled chain. I love the way that these turned out! See how to make them below.