Create your own gift registry in R&T's online store!

June 8, 2009

You asked, we listened: A feature that you’ve been asking for is to have a Gift Registry for your personal wish list of Rings & Things products…

You'll be charmed by our gift registry!

An improved gift registry: This feature provides a great way to let your friends and family know what you want for Christmas, birthdays and other special events. (Just make sure they know about our $25 minimum order, and $4 small-order fee for orders between $25
& $50).

The gift registry feature is not just for requesting gifts, though! Bead societies can use it to create project parts lists,
businesses can use it to share upcoming order info between employees, and anyone can use it like a wish list of things to buy
in the future. In fact, the gift registry has an advantage over the wish list feature of our store, in that it allows you to save desired quantities!


Here’s how you set up your own Gift Registry:

Now just fill in some blanks:

  • Specify the Event Type — the “occasion” for people to buy you R&T items. (Birthday? Wedding?)
  • Give it a name. (“Dave’s 29th birthday”?)
  • And a date. (You don’t mind folks knowing when your birthday is, do you?)
  • Specify what kind of shipping address the items should go to. (“My address” goes right to you; “Customer’s address” goes to your generous friend.)
  • :Look at the other few options that display, and check any that matter to you. Now click Continue.

From here, it’s easy to shop for products to add to your Gift Registry. You know which ones you’ve had your eye on!

Have you thought of other features you wish were in our online store? Suggest them here in a comment!

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