How to find large-hole beads

February 9, 2010

Here’s a great little tip on tracking down large-holed beads

On page 491 of R&T’s Super Supplement 2010, we share a cool search feature for finding large-hole ‘beadable’ beads on our online store.

When only a large-hole bead will do

When only a large-hole bead will do

Just enter “BFMB” in the search box; this will currently bring up 325 items, from crow beads to ring beads to genuine coins, that have been identified as fitting* on our line of beadable products.

(Beadables include pens, cheese knives, bookmarks and more — all of them customizable with your choice of beads.)

In case you are wondering, BFMB stands for “Beadable Finding Mandrel Beads”.

*Some beads, particularly the large-hole gemstone beads, may still require a bit of reaming.

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