When bead shows are…different

November 6, 2010

Sometimes, bead shows can surprise you. Sometimes, they even surprise us

After one long day of driving, running a bead-show, and more driving, our crew decided to just have dinner at the hotel. But when they went to the restaurant, they weren’t able to have dinner there — Because the tables had been taken down to set up for our show! Yep… our setup was in the usual bar / restaurant of the hotel. The checkout stations were set up around the bar, 2 per side, with cabinets of liquor behind them and coolers full of beer between them. Unfortunately(?), the cabinets and coolers were all locked. Hard to say how much some customers would spend otherwise…

Bead show in the bar

This one was the first bead show we’d ever seen with bench seating:

Bench seating at the bead show

One hotel in California where we did a show charged a small fee for parking. Some customers commented on that…but most of them were used to paying for parking. According to at least one customer, “The only place you can park for free in LA is the freeway!”

Thanks to everyone for the bead-show memories! We’ll be back “on the road” starting in early spring!

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