BIGkick Embossable Aluminum Blanks – Get the Look of Silver without the Cost

February 3, 2016

It may not come as a surprise that the BIGkick tool is one of my favorite jewelry-making tools.  And what is not to love?  It is compact, affordable, and effortless to use–and the results are almost always perfection.  So when I saw the new embossable, 30-gauge aluminum blanks on the “NEW shelf” I was ready to try them; finally, an affordable silver-toned alternative to sterling silver.

Here’s a quick project I designed. I’m sure you will agree the new aluminum blanks are a dream come true.

DIY Embossed Aluminum Birthstone Necklace

Embossable aluminum metal blanks--get the look of silver for cheap.

New 30-gauge aluminum blanks comes in several ready-made shapes and are perfect for use in the Vintaj BIGkick. Use both DecoEmboss and DecoEtch dies to add unique textures to your metal jewelry.


Rings & Things Birthstone Assortment from TierraCast and swarovski.

TierraCast bright rhodium-plated, stepped-bezel charms come in an array of Swarovski crystal colors including a birthstone assortment. Best of all, they come ready to use. These are the perfect sparkling accent for both the jewelry-making novice and professional.


Embossed Aluminum Blanks Necklace Parts from

Just a few supplies are needed to make an embossed necklace: aluminum blank (shape of your choice), crystal bezel charm (stone color of your choice), chain by the foot (your choice of style), jump rings, and lobster clasp.


You will need the following supplies:


Aluminum Blanks - 3 Tools

You will need just a few tools; Vintaj BIGkick (or Sizzix Big Shot) machine, a DecoEmboss die of your choice, and basic jewelry hand tools.


You will need the following tools:


Embossing the Aluminum Blank

Aluminum Stamping Blanks - how to remove the plastic pretective layer.

The aluminum blanks come with one side covered in a protective plastic sheet. Remove the blue plastic prior to running your blank through the BIGkick machine.


Jewelry-making aluminum blanks - placing in the DecoEmboss die.

Open your selected DecoEmboss Die and carefully position your aluminum blank. Be sure to consider hole position and design. Also remember to place the blank so the blemish-free side will be the front of the finished pendant.


Aluminum Blanks - 6 BIGkick Embossing

Layer the DecoEmboss folder in the BIGkick tool in this order: platform, clear acrylic sheet, folder (this side down), and clear acrylic sheet. Turn the handle to feed the layers through the BIGkick tool. (The Sizzix Big Shot works exactly the same.)


Aluminum Blanks - add texture easily without a rolling mill.

Once the DecoEmboss die has run though the BIGkick (or Big Shot) machine, remove the top acrylic sheet and folder. To remove the embossed blank, open the folder and flex it gently.


Aluminum Blanks - Silver-toned embossed jewelry blank is ready for use.

The aluminum blank is perfectly embossed and ready for use in your jewelry making project.


Finishing the Necklace

Aluminum Blanks - Assembly Pendant with a jump ring, embossed blank, and TierraCast charm.

Use a twisting sideways motion to open the jump ring. Add the embossed aluminum blank (front side facing up) and the crystal charm. Use the same twisting motion to securely close the jump ring.


How to make a necklace chain from footage chain.

Making your own necklace chain is easy! Measure the chain to your desired necklace length and cut the chain.


Assembly jump rings, lobster clasp, and footage chain to make a necklace chain.

String your pendant onto the chain. Finish one end of the chain by adding a jump ring; close securely. Finish the other end of the chain by adding a jump ring and lobster clasp; again, close securely.


Hook the lobster clasp to the jump ring and your handmade necklace chain is complete.

Simply attach the lobster clasp to the opposite jump ring, and your embossed-aluminum, birthstone necklace is ready to wear.


How to make an embossed silver-tone birthstone necklace.

This necklace is so easy to make, and there are so many design options. Vary the aluminum blank shape, the embossed pattern, the necklace-chain style, or the crystal charm color to create your own unique birthstone necklace. (I used amethyst, February’s traditional birthstone.)


Make things!




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  • Kenna February 17, 2016 at 7:55 am

    The secret is out now. I have been using the Big Kick to emboss metal for awhile now and love it. It is so easy and the results are great. My only issue is that I would love to use it for bracelets but the dies are too small and result in sectioned embossing. I have tried other dies but none work like the Sizzix but the sizes are very limited. Lets hope Sizzix fills the gap.

  • Jan Hunnicutt April 8, 2016 at 7:53 am

    I love the look of the embossed metal. Does this work with copper blanks as well?