DIY Multi Strand Leather Charm Bracelet

December 8, 2015

One of my favorite combinations when making bracelets is leather and charms! When deciding what color of leather to use, I chose turquoise because it’s a color that always calms me – plus it seems to work for all seasons. It reminds me of the beach where I would love to be! I decided to make this a multi strand bracelet because the stacked bracelet look is such a huge trend right now. To make your own version of this multi strand leather charm bracelet, read on. It’s easier than you think! Continue Reading…

Easy DIY Stackable Bracelets

November 30, 2015

Ever wonder how to fill your wrists with deliciously colorful and fun stackable bracelets? Well here’s a super trendy DIY bracelet design you can make in about 5 minutes! Best yet, you can customize each bracelet with charms that match your interests — or the interests of friends, family, and customers. This design works great for making Awareness jewelry and seasonal themes too. Since I made these in November, I was ready for some Christmas Cheer. Continue Reading…

Open Hearted Lariat Necklace

September 28, 2015

Since October is Breast Cancer awareness month, I wanted to make a pink ribbon necklace that would do many things at once. I wanted it to look stylish, spread awareness, and encourage hope and solidarity. I came up with this simple but elegant Open Heart Lariat Necklace that literally takes seconds to put together and requires no tools! Read on to make your own. Continue Reading…

DIY Team Spirit Earrings

August 31, 2015

With football season fast approaching, it’s time to break out your team spirit! Colorful jewelry that shows off team colors will make it easy for everyone to know who you’re cheering for! Simply swap out the Swarovski crystal colors to make earrings that support your favorite team!
Continue Reading…